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Our office is devoted to legal representation in divorce, property division, support, custody and related family law matters.

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When to Get a Lawyer for a Child Support Case


You've been paying child support for years, and the amount hasn't changed much as the children have gotten older. As long as there are no disputes about the amount you pay and you pay on time every month, you have little need for legal intervention in your child support case.


3 Reasons to Get a Lawyer in Your Divorce


Contrary to popular belief, the divorce rates in the US are not a near-even split as previously thought. Divorce is still a very real possibility and not something any couple looks forward to.

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Factors That Affect Child Custody Outcomes in California


When two adults decide that they want to get a divorce, it's only a matter of dividing properties and separating their lives. However, when there are children involved, the divorce process also involves child custody arrangements. If you are planning to get a divorce with children, you should prepare by going over child custody laws and factors that affect custody decisions.

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